Brands can easily find that sustainability is a juggling act with multiple data streams to collect and collate and potentially hundreds of products or services to monitor, audit and report on.

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Dreaming of a simpler way to manage sustainability compliance and turn data into a more valuable resource? Enter ecoview, our versatile digital platform that makes transparency and compliance a much simpler task.

ecoview brings online analysis, audit and reporting technologies together in one place – with an intuitive user dashboard that ensures every business has access to packaging at every level from top line to granular.

What is ecoview?

ecoview is a simple-to-use web platform that combines technology with data – and draws on ecoveritas’ extensive business intelligence in the global packaging industry.

The system is designed to make technical and sustainable packaging management not just simple, but more value-adding for brands, retailers and their supply chains.

The ecoview platform is a great example of our business ethos – simplifying the complex and making sustainability data more useful for brands.

Modular & Scaleable Platform

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ROI – Friendly

Granular Data


Easy Integration

Who is ecoview for?

Partnering with retailers and brand owners across sectors such as grocery, FMCG, personal care, cosmetics, food, drink, apparel and beyond, ecoveritas provides services, guidance and support in all matters of packaging sustainability compliance and data management.

ecoview is no different, acting as a powerful all-in-one data tool for sustainability and compliance officers, procurement teams, product developers, packaging designers and retail marketing divisions.

The platform provides accurate packaging and sustainability data, alongside the functionality to manage compliance and packaging optimisation – all within one automated workflow…

ecoview can be tailored to the unique needs of your business and local packaging legislation, and includes the following modules as standard:

Summary Overview

Our summary module includes a dataset overview giving full visibility of the packaging data for the previous calendar year.

It provides a quick and easy view of the total tonnage on to the market, including:

  • own brand tonnage
  • number of active product lines
  • active suppliers
  • recycled content coverage
  • breakdown by department where applicable

Supplier Management

Our supplier management module illustrates the tonnage of packaging contributed by each supplier. It can be used to identify which top suppliers are, by tonnage, using certain materials to create more sustainable choices. 

This module includes a breakdown of tonnage into relevant layers of packaging and details of each product and includes a line-by-line data split by product, packaging level, component and material. Weights source can also be seen here, ideal for brands looking to improve weights coverage and accuracy.


Our recyclability module is a matrix based on OPRL. It shows total recyclable tonnage and can be broken down further to department and component tonnage.

Recycled Content

Our recycled content module illustrates recycled content within packaging. It shows recycled content of all materials broken down by component type and department. The module also includes a UK Plastic Packaging Tax estimator.

The service is backed up with ecoveritas’ leading customer care and support. While the technology is built to be intuitive and make it simple for brands to get hands-on with data, training is available to help users get the most from the system.

Is ecoview the sustainability secret weapon your business needs to move data from information to a real commercial advantage?

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