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Understanding Global Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

At Ecoveritas, we know that packaging serves many roles in protecting, preserving and presenting goods. In itself, it conducts an environmentally-important role – protecting valuable resources and the carbon already expended in the production process.

However, with much media focus on packaging waste and recovery processes around the world, alongside land and marine pollution, governments, brands, retailers and consumers alike are keen to see optimisation of packaging design from a sustainability perspective.

At Ecoveritas, we intimately understand these challenges. We have an experienced team of packaging experts on hand to advise on a range of lifecycle assessment needs, alongside supporting our clients with comprehensive packaging strategy services.


Packaging Sustainability Consulting Services
Life Cycle Assessment

Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) offer our clients the ability to measure the true environmental impact of a pack, product, service or process over its entire existence. This data enables companies to have a detailed understanding of their impact and make informed decisions about their business practices and how to improve environmental performance.

Carried out to the internationally recognised standard ISO 14040 : 2006, ecoveritas Life Cycle Assessments enable our clients to:

Ecoveritas has a team of qualified LCA consultants who have vast experience in developing and delivering comprehensive LCA projects for our clients. With what can often be a difficult and time-consuming process, Ecoveritas has the time, tools and technical skills to support your business.

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Competitor Benchmarking

Need to understand the performance of your competitors relative to your business? Ecoveritas offers competitor benchmarking; a programme of marketing safaris by category and format – trips in selected geographical territories to identify, collect and sample competitive products within the category.

Assessing where your packaging sits with regard to industry averages with the product category, Ecoveritas can benchmark your designs against the market (averages and quartiles) to provide insight for the development of KPIs. 

Supporting this work, Ecoveritas will conduct technical and parallel market overview work to compare the overall market with the packaging portfolio or product.

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Supply Chain Audits

Audits remain an integral aspect of the responsible sourcing programme of any customers’ business. At Ecoveritas, we engage with your supply chain to ensure they are complying with local packaging compliance legislation and if they are making claims regarding recycled content that evidence is available.

Audits increase a company’s credibility and reliability. Diverse cultures mean that businesses in different countries can have different values and expectations about how to operate. Audits can help you to discover if you are actually meeting the national or international laws. 

Audits can demonstrate to consumers, buyers and suppliers that a company is aiming to be compliant and is a trustworthy business. It also demonstrates the business’ commitment to having a transparent and responsible supply chain. This will ultimately strengthen the relationship between buyers and suppliers – enabling collaboration and making it easier to address risk. This helps improve a company’s brand reputation and drive revenue in the long-term.

Audits improve business relationships. Ultimately, audits are a catalyst for driving positive and sustainable change in global supply chains. Audits are a way to objectively measure risks, foster dialogue between buyers and suppliers, and start a positive conversation.

The wealth of information found in an Ecoveritas audit report helps companies to understand their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, in terms of internal systems. This can help growing organisations create more robust systems to help develop the business over time.

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Training & Workshops

Ecoveritas offers a range of bespoke training solutions designed specifically to maximise the impact for your business. Each workshop is unique and designed with the client to meet their specific needs. We have delivered training solutions in EPR, packaging optimisation, life cycle assessments and many more topics.

Training and workshops can be delivered digitally, on-site, or at a location of choice and are always delivered by an Ecoveritas consultant with extensive experience in the subject matter. All training is delivered in a practical, structured manner to ensure delegates walk away with the tools and skills required for future success.

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