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Sliding windows are very stylish and easy to clean.

At EcoView of the Piedmont, we believe that our customers in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area deserve to have as many customizable options for their replacement windows as possible. We offer endless possibilities, including sliding windows, which are quite popular these days. With our 2-Lite and 3-Lite sliding windows, you can enjoy energy efficiency and the other many benefits of our replacement windows, as well as the convenience of a horizontally moving sash.

Sliding Windows in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Sliding windows are just as easy to clean as tilt-out double-hung windows are, as they easily lift out of the opening so you can wash both the inside and the outside of the window. These make an ideal option for second-story windows where you’d need to drag out a heavy ladder to clean the exterior of the windows. Speaking of easy cleaning, with grids placed between the panes, washing the windows couldn’t be simpler.

Our sliding windows can be configured for any window opening, and you have a choice of glass packages to suit your needs. Regardless of the windows you choose, you can rest assured that they are built to last and that we’ll install them with meticulous care so that they perform well for you for years to come. If you are tired of scraping and painting your wood windows or struggling to keep your home comfortable because of drafts, reach out to us to learn about replacement windows that will provide you with countless benefits. Whether you are considering sliding windows or would like to discuss other styles, don’t hesitate to reach out to schedule an appointment.