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Bay windows can add appeal to your space.

Bay windows include three separate windows that form a single unit. Adding this style of window to your home can add charm and character in a unique way. You may choose to add bay windows next to a window seat in the house to create the perfect reading nook. Bay windows can also add interest in a bedroom or sitting room. They deliver a range of benefits and add value to your home as well. Bay windows add dimension and space to the room since they jut out from the wall. Since you’re adding multiple windows instead of a single window, you’ll also get more natural light. The angled construction of this window style allows light to come through at different directions.

Bay Windows in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

At EcoView of the Piedmont, we understand the appeal of bay windows and can add them to your Winston-Salem, North Carolina home. We work with local property owners who want to add value to their homes while enjoying the benefits that come with new windows. Bay windows in particular can add appeal to your space. We can also talk to you about the advantages that come with this specific window style and determine whether bay windows would be a good fit in your home.

For many people, new windows can also bring better ventilation to the space. While the middle window in a set of bay windows is usually fixed, the two on either side can open and shut, giving you more airflow. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why people love bay windows. Contact us to find out more about adding this option to your home.