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Energy efficiency, beauty, and lasting protection for your home are all great reasons to upgrade your home’s siding.

Most people recognize that installing new siding can transform the appearance of their home, but you might not realize that there can be additional benefits involved. At EcoView of the Piedmont, we help Winston-Salem, North Carolina homeowners learn about how low-maintenance vinyl siding can be a wise investment.

Siding in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

EcoView’s Timber Impressions insulated siding is an ideal siding option. This siding acts like a thermal blanket that can reduce your heating and cooling costs dramatically. In addition to insulating from heat and cold, it also acts to reduce sound transmission, making it an ideal option for homes near busy highways and noisy neighbors. It comes in 18 beautiful colors, so you can choose the right option that complements the other architectural aspects of your home.

It makes sense to choose a siding that pays for itself in energy savings. We offer financing options so you can make this investment right away and put your saving toward paying it off rather than continue spending more than necessary with the utility company. If energy efficiency is your primary goal, don’t hesitate to talk to us about windows and doors that can also improve efficiency.

If you are tired of scraping and painting your current siding or you have an older style of vinyl siding that is in need of replacement, give us a call to discuss our high-quality insulated vinyl siding. We will be happy to conduct an in-house assessment and provide you with an estimate for new siding while answering any questions you might have.