Impact Windows Protect Your Home from Storms and Much More

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When people think about impact windows, they often think immediately of coastal areas and the need for hurricane windows, but there are many benefits that impact windows can provide to your home or business, even if you don’t live in a coastal area where hurricanes are a common concern. Here in North Carolina, hurricanes usually affect the eastern part of our state, but the reality is that almost every part of North Carolina has been impacted by a hurricane at some point.

Impact Windows Protect Your Home from Storms and Much More

Here are some of the other reasons to consider impact windows for your newly constructed property or for your window replacement project:

  • Impact resistance: It seems like nearly every kid has a story about accidentally breaking a window with a wildly thrown baseball or other object. Impact windows are less likely to break from daily activities gone wrong – like flying debris from your lawn mower.
  • Better security: Impact windows are more burglar resistant than traditional windows and can better prevent forced, unwanted entry into you home. Just don’t lock your keys in the house!
  • Noise reduction: Because they are made with laminated glass and multiple panes of glass, impact windows reduce sound transmission, making your home quieter. This is especially nice if you live in a busy, urban area.
  • Improved energy efficiency: Save money on your energy bills each month and eventually, your impact windows will practically pay for themselves.

Impact windows have durable vinyl frames and sashes and multiple panes of laminated glass. They are designed, manufactured and tested to meet high standards and will provide superior protection to your home or business.